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Piloted Dualski


Piloted Dualski – A safe bet! The Piloted Dualski bi-ski was designed for semi-dependent people as well as dependent people who want to ski with a high level of comfort and performances.

Tessier's best seller from 1996 to 2020. (over 1700 Leisure frames sold worldwide). The Leisure Dualski is not available anymore > replaced by the Tempo Dualski.

Scarver Dualski


The Scarver is the top level sitski from TESSIER. In Dualski it's the perfect rig for freeskiing and powder skiing !

Tempo Dualski


The Tempo offers the best of Tessier ski technology at a lower price. A perfect blend between performance and easiness!

Lasher XC-Ski

Product Of: United States
Manufacturer: Lasher Sport
The XC-Ski is an aluminum frame ski with adjustable ski mounting brackets, a fixed back, and adjustable foot bar. The XC - Ski also comes standard with a click-strap seat belt, tension cord upholstery, and a powder coated frame.

XC Ski Sledge

Product Of: Austria
Manufacturer: Praschberger
No prize without sweat. Without working at it, sportsmen aren’t sportsmen. Individually measured seat back and seat angle after carefully assessing the injury type and level assures you of guarantied comfort and enjoyment of cross country skiing.

Kiwi Cross Country Ski

Manufacturer: Spokes N Motion
This is the most popular model for programs and skiers being introduced to the sport Newsletter

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