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Hydra Racing Monoski


The"Hydra" is DynAccess' new generation of high performance racing monoski with unique suspension kinematics, moving the body of the skier in the correct fashion in turn.

HOC Titanium Outriggers

Hands On Concepts

The HOC2 Outrigger has no movable parts and NO strings. There is nothing to get stuck and the skier never has to flip the outrigger from one position to the other.

HOC Glide

Hands On Concepts

Hands on Concepts 2 announces the release of the next generation bi-ski, the HOC2 Glide. The industry's first production Bi-Ski with a self loading system and suspension

Hippocampe Ski Chair


All-Terrain Wheelchair and Ski Chair in one! The Hippocampe Ski Chair uses the Hippocampe All-Terrain Wheelchair frame and is outfitted with a 3 ski set.