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Scarver Uniski


The Scarver satisfies the most demanding skiers. Whether you are a sportive skier, a racer at the top level or freerider, the Scarver will meet all your expectations. 2016 X-Games WINNER ! 89 IPC podiums in 2015/2016 !!!

The n°1 racing monoski since 2016.

Sport Shieldz Protective Skull Caps

3.0/5 rating (4 votes)

Sport Shieldz® Protective Skull Caps provide an extra layer of impact dissipating padding, and reduces the amount of energy or G-force, which would have normally reached the skull.

SideStix Snowshoe Assembly


Providing traction as well as float in fresh snow, these 8" diameter Snowshoes are made from powder coated aircraft aluminum. The decking is made of super-durable PVC coated polyester mesh.

Sit-Ski Cart

Reactive Adaptations

Our cart is designed to carry any sit ski. It’s optimal performance is on snow, but it can roll on any terrain. It can handle snow dirt and rock. It fits through most doorways.

Snowheel Gondola Ski Cart


The Snowheel is a monoski / biski gondola and resort transport system to facilitate gondola and other non-snow surface movement. Slide onto the frame and wheel around.

Superlite Custom Titanium

Enabling Technologies

For the expert skier or racer, this is the ultimate in outriggers! There are no adjustments that add to wear and tear. We build the outrigger to your exact measurements and a pair of Superlites weigh just 3 pounds. Newsletter

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