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Sport Shieldz Protective Skull Caps

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Sport Shieldz® Protective Skull Caps provide an extra layer of impact dissipating padding, and reduces the amount of energy or G-force, which would have normally reached the skull. Sport Shieldz may also help improve the fit of some helmets by filling the extra space between the head and the shell of a helmet, while adding a more comfortable feel with its patented impact dissipating foam.

The protective nature of our head wear comes from its energy dissipating padding. This padding is encased in a fashionable, stretchable and head shape conforming skull cap. Different styles are available.

Helmets have been shown to decrease head injuries by up to 60%. Furthermore, as head injuries account for up to 15% of all ski and snowboard injuries, proper headwear is important. In fact, major head trauma from skiing or snowboarding is the second leading cause of recreational death in Colorado. Up to 70% of all head injuries reported in skiers and snowboarders are considered concussions.

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Sport Shieldz

Sport Shieldz

Sport Shieldz

Sport Shieldz® is committed to developing quality head wear, and to educating parents and athletes on traumatic brain injuries and the importance of brain and head safety. 16748 E Smoky Hill Rd # 220, Aurora Colorado 80015 United States
Phone 866-211-0043 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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