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Freedom Trax

Categories: Lift Access
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Price: $4995.00
Product of: United States

A powerful wheelchair attachment, designed for the explorer. Freedom Trax is a unique track system for sand, snow, gravel, mud and more. Freedom Trax is customized to fit virtually any wheelchair providing the easiest mount/ dismount method in the industry.

Among all off-road solutions on the market, our models are equipped to enhance your existing setup without compromise. We also offer a model with a removable chair to best suit the needs of our diverse clients.

Sporting a 24-Volt Lithium Battery, all of our FT models will take you farther through gravel and grit, sand and shore, mud and muck, snow and slush.

Our mission is to make the world accessible, but it’s also our promise. We set out to eliminate barriers. We believe it’s an undertaking just as bold as our customers.

Forget about leaving stones unturned, with Freedom Trax you will be gliding above them.

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