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Hydra Racing Monoski

Categories: Monoskis
3.9/5 rating (19 votes)
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Ability Level Advanced, Expert / Racing
Manufacturer: DynAccess
More Info: Hydra Ski Details
Product of: United States

The "Hydra" is DynAccess' new generation of high performance racing monoski with unique suspension kinematics.

Alpine skiing requires the body to move forwards and back over the ski, in such a way that pressure is applied near the ski tip during turn initiation, centered over the foot at the apex of the turn, and finally slightly towards the back to straighten out the ski and accelerate out of the turn. This is done by top level able-bodied skiers.

However, monoskiers usually cannot move their bodies as desired for effective skiing. With the unique suspension kinematics, the Hydra automatically moves the body of the skier in the correct fashion, assisting him/her to turn powerfully yet smoothly with perfect edge grip.

The Hydra retains the competitive advantages of other DynAccess monoskis; it is very responsive and strong, has an exceptionally stiff frame, made of the best materials, yet relatively light weight.


  • Available New?: Yes
  • Weight:: 24 lbs (11kg) without a seat/foot rest
  • Travel: approx. 6"

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