HOC Titanium Outriggers

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Price: $375.00 Ability Level Beginner Intermediate Advanced Racing Club / Program
Manufacturer: Hands On Concepts
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Country United States

The HOC2 Outrigger has no moveable parts and NO strings. There is nothing to get stuck and the skier never has to flip the outrigger from one position to the other.

The ingenious ergonomic design places the outrigger's ski at exactly the right angle when the skier's arm are in ski position, and grips the snow for traction when used to push forward on the flat, get into lift position, get up from a fall or just stand still.

Our Outrigger is highly adjustable to meet the vast majority of skier's unique requirements. A durable non-slip grip, vibration dampening titanium and optional brakes complete our Outrigger offering.

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