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Categories: Piloted & TriSkis
3.8/5 rating (6 votes)
Price $1599
Ability Level Beginner, Itermediate, Advanced, Club / Program
More Info:
Manufacturer: Sno-Go
Product of: United States

Product Details

What makes SNO-GO unlike anything else is it's truly revolutionary S.L.A.T. system which has been engineered to allow the rear skis to articulate like a perfect parallel skier. This technology is then intentionally designed to pair with SNO-GO's mountain bike like frame for additional steering control for an optimal ride.

Skibikes (not to be confused with snowbikes) have gone through various iterations known as a Type I, Type II, and Type III since the idea originated in the late 1800's. However, still to this day many designs have not been accepted by many ski and snowboard resorts for various safety and compliance reasons. In 2019, SNO-GO earned the endorsement of the PSIA-AASI as the new standard in ski bikes opening doors for SNO-GO riders at hundreds of resorts around the globe.


  • Available New?: Yes

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