Disabled travel spending is over $17 billion dollars per year.

Who we are.

About Us is the premier site for adaptive skiing, snowboarding, and fun in the snow. Established in 2013, we are the go-to site for information, equipment, resorts, clubs, lessons, and the snow sports industry. We offer online, print and in person exposure and partner with sponsors and advertisers looking to expand their reach into this fast growing, highly visible, specialized niche market.

Who we are.

Our Readers visitors are people looking for information about travel, luxury sports, adventure, dining and lifestyle in a targeted, information rich resource specifically aimed at disabled skiers who are part of the largest visible minority consumer group in North America, with an annual travel spending of over thirty four billion (with a b) dollars per year.

Travel Spending

$17 billion

The 2015 Open Doors Organization study quantifies how much adults with disabilities spend on just their own travel — $17.3 billion annually. Since these individuals typically travel with one or more other adults, the economic impact is actually double, or $34.6 billion.

Disabled Sports is

Big Business

The Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Paralympic Games was one of the most watched television events in Channel 4's 30 year history drawing almost 8 million viewers.

Disabled Skiers

Big Spenders

Adaptive skiers who use sitskis and own their own equipment have a minimum investment of $3000 to $7000 USD, before skis, apparel and bindings. Outriggers, which are the least expensive item are around $400.00

Disabled Community

Over 50 million

Disabled consumers are the largest visible minority consumer group in North America, spending over seven hundred billion (with a b) dollars per year. Disabled people make up over 15% of the population of the USA (55 million) and there are over 4 million wheelchair users.

"From a remit and prominence point of view it has to be viewed as one of the biggest mistakes of all time for the BBC"

BBC's Gary Lineker on the loss of the Paralympics broadcasting rights to rival Channel 4
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