Philanthrophy's Phunkshun

"See this? This is someone's leg. Give me some money."

"I drove right up to each group and said it, and it worked. They gave me money." he recounts with a huge smile on his face.

The speaker is Phunkshun Wear Marketing Director Lanny Goldwasser, one of the company founders, who is openly and proudly brash about his intent. "They have money. I'm here to raise money. It's important to me, it's important to all of us here, and it's fun".

Phunkshun is a Denver based manufacturer of face masks. Many, many, many, face masks, all made in the USA. The company utilizes recycled materials and prints using sublimation which offers not only permanence of the design (sublimation ink transforms into a gas when heated and when combined with pressure it permanently bonds with the fabric) with their single item custom order minimum, they offer a literally unending selection of styles, limited only by your imagination.

The "this" he's referring to is a red golf ball that represents a point reduction in the total score for the team at the annual golf tournament Phunkshun hosts in support of The High Fives Foundation. The tournament is an addition to their standing donation of 5 cents per face mask sold. "It just made sense", he says of the amount, "five for five, it all fit".

And fit it does. The High Fives Foundation is a 501(c)3 that supports the dream of action mountain sports athletes by raising injury prevention awareness while providing resources and inspiration to those suffering life altering injuries.

The organization produces high end, impactful videos emphasizing safety and provides grants for equipment and other related needs.

You can support High Fives with a donation, or via a purchase of a face mask from Phunkshun.