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Adaptive Skiing at a Glance

Useful Information

Adaptive Skiing - at a Glance


Adaptive skiing is the term used when people with disabilities use specialized equipment to ski.

Adaptive skiing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and the range of available adaptive ski gear is keeping pace. Adaptive certifications are issued by national ski / snowboard associations and disability snow sports groups.

Recreational adaptive skiing is offered at many resort ski schools, through adaptive programs and charities and with private ski clubs. Veteran specific and competitive programs are also available.

Necessary Gear

The sport of adaptive skiing has a range of equipment that helps with a wide variety of disabilities from sitskis (a catchall phrase that encompasses ski rigs and frames), to snowboard attachments and outriggers.
  • Ski frame, bucket, outriggers, and any necessary evacuation systems - attached to the ski frame
  • Ski coat, snow pants, overalls / bibs, boots, base layers, gloves, liners and hats
  • Plan your trip today! Find resorts with adaptive programs, adaptive instructors and adaptive ski gear rentals.

Useful Information


For independent skiers. A bucket seating system attached to a frame with a shock absorbing system, mounted to a single ski using a standard boot mount and hand held outriggers. Balance and upper body mobility is needed for this setup.

Bi Skis

A bucket seating system attached to specially manufactured articulating skis, with or without a piloting bar and with or without ski mounted outriggers / stabilizers. This ski is paired with hand held outriggers for independent skiers who want more stability in the ski or can be piloted by an assistant.

Dual Skis

For independent skiers. A bucket seating system attached to a frame with articulated shocks and 2 skis. Hand held outriggers are used with dual skis. Upper body mobility is needed for this setup.

Snow Kart

For adults and children who have their upper limbs functional, but a lack of balance, a lack of strength or a poor movement coordination.The Snow’Kart allow you to ski almost independently, controlled by levers to direct the ski. Can be used with one hand.

Nordic / Cross Country

A bucket seating system attached to a solid frame with standard nordic ski bindings. Used with ski poles. Multiple positioning options address different disabilities.


Forearm style crutches with ski tips attached to help with balance, lift loading, etc. Different lengths, ski tip sizes and shapes, flipping mechanisms and weights are available depending on the snow conditions and skier ability.

Tandem / Piloted

Also known as a snow taxi. A bucketed seating system attached to a frame with 2 articulating skis and a rear piloting bar. For skiers with complex disabilities and those who want to enjoy the experience of skiing without effort, or where independent control of the ski is not possible.