Writer & Reviewer FAQs

  • Can I Write for AdaptiveSkiing.net?

    YES! We're always looking for new articles, stories and news about adaptive skiing in all forms. Travel info, tips and tricks, things we haven't thought of yet. Unpublished writers are welcome. Contact Us
  • How Do I Become a Reviewer?

    Active skiers are invited to send in your credentials to apply for a reviewer position. Ideally you have at least 30 days per season on the hill and 2 years ski experience. Preference is given to AdaptiveSkiing.net Members with active profiles or groups. Contact Us
  • Photography Featured Galleries

    Photographers, to have your photos featured on the site in the Media section, send an email with the dropbox location or other download link along with photo credit, skier name, location and any other relevant details.

    File format: .jpg
    File size: 300k max
    Minimum 10 photos, maximum 30 photos

  • Article & Image Guidelines

    Articles on any ski related topic, person, venue, issue, new products, race results, events, resorts, or anything else are welcome.

    Features are ideally 300 - 600 + words with photos.

    Interviews and profiles are ideally 100 + words, with photos.

    Race news and results have no length requirement.

    File format: .jpg
    File size: 200k max
    Minimum 1 photos, maximum 10 photos

Equipment, Resort and Skier Listing FAQs

  • How do I add a listing?

    Click Add / Manage listings at the bottom of the page. Select the product or service you want to add and fill in the form.

    At the bottom, select Yes to publish your listing, or No to save it for editing and publishing at a later date.

  • How do I edit a listing?

    Click Add / Manage listings at the bottom of the page. Choose the product or service you want to manage. All listings that are assigned to you will be listed there.

    In the blue title bar click the EDIT symbol on the far right side. Clicking the X symbol will delete your listing.

  • What is a Premium listing?

    Premium listings only show their own ads and information on the listing page. The bottom position can be used for ads or for a popover feature, ideal for product listings and resort maps. Contact us for details.
  • What are the image sizes?

    The top main image size is 1080 x 540 pixels and the smaller image is 425 x 280 pixels, 72 dpi, and .jpg or .png formats.

Membership FAQs

  • Fun, goodies and glory!

    The Members area has the social media tools you expect with the added bonus of earning points for your social media activities while hanging out with other like-minded ski and snowboarding fans.

    Join here!

  • Use your points to get new gear for your ski programs, or items for fundraisers or goodies for volunteers or anything else. All for doing what you already do on social media.
  • Absolutely! It's the way to get points, which equals goodies! Each profile has it's own points account. If you want to use points for personal items and you want to accrue points for your program or organization, you should have one for each, and use one to invite the other.

Profile FAQs

  • How to Edit Your Profile

    Log in and scroll over the Profile menu link in the Members area. Choose your link from the dropdown menu.

    To add or remove applications, choose Customize my Profile in the Profile Menu, choose the location to add an application to, click the ADD button and then select the application in the pop up window. Remove applications by clicking the X (remove) button.

  • How to Earn From Your Profile

    Earning cash from your profile is a simple few step process.

    Activate affiliate code ads (adsense, chitika etc) on your profile by logging in and navigating to Profile >> Customize My Profile. Copy and paste the adsense or other affiliate code in the text box and save. Those ads (including your earnings from them) are governed by the terms of service of your account provider.

  • How to Earn From Your Group

    Active Groups are eligible for a Group Specific ad zone where Group Owners can place their own messages and receive a percentage of the paid ads in that zone.

    Contact Member Services for income breakdowns and to activate Group Ads.

    Active Members can participate in our Sponsor Door Prize Promotions. We provide incentives door prizes for Members to invite new people and grow their own groups.

Points FAQs

  • How to Earn Points

    Points are awarded for most logged in activities. If you're not logged in, no points are earned. You get points for registering (once), logging in (once per day), uploading images, uploading videos, changing your status, creating or posting in a group, inviting new members, when new members sign up as a result of your invitation, and invited member percentages. There is currently a daily limit of 3000 points. Some activities result in removal of points, including removing photos and videos and deleting groups and conversations.

  • How to Spend Your Points

    You can use your points in the gift shop, to advertise your content, to enter raffles or you can donate some to groups or other members. Points exchange is 250 to 1.00 in gift shop value. Points have no cash value.

    To use points in the shop or for ads, select your items or create your ads and choose Alphauserpoints as your payment method when checking out. You can view your points balance from the View My Points link in your Profile Menu.

  • How to transfer your points

    Click the Donate Points link in the Points Tools menu. Enter the number of points you want to transfer and the Member username and click send. You can transfer 25% of your balance per day.

Points by Activity

  • Registration, Invitations & Bonuses

    Registration: 50 points
    Log In: 10 points (once per day)
    Update profile: 1 point
    Invite friends with invitation system: 1 point (once per user)
    Invite with success: 3 points
    Send a Facebook friend request: 2 points
    Referral Bonus: 1% of referred users' earned points.
    Author Bonus: 1 point when a user reads an arcticle you wrote.
    Approve Friend request: 1 point (once per user)
    Remove a Friend: -0
  • Group Activities

    Add a Group: 10 points
    Remove a Group: -10 points
    Update group information: 1 point
    Create a Group Discussion: 2 points
    Reply to a Group discussion: 1 point
    Join a Group: 1 point
    Leave a Group: -1 point
    Post on a Group wall: 1 point
    Upload a Group avatar: 1 point
    Creat a Group Announcement: 1 point
    Delete a Group Announcement: -1 point
    Change group cover: 1 point (once per day)
  • Photo & Video Uploads

    Add a Photo Album: 1 point
    Remove an Album: -1 point
    Upload Photo: 5 points
    Remove Photo: -5 points
    Add a Video: 10 points
    Remove a Video: -10 points
  • Social Connecting

    Social Network Authentication (connect to FB): 2 points
    Comment via Facebook: 2 points
    Delete Facebook comment: -2 points
    Google +1 connect: 2 points
    Google +1 disconnect: -2 points
    Share a page to LinkedIn: 2 points
    Share a page to your Twitter followers: 2 points
  • Comments, Likes & Posts

    Add a Facebook like: 2 points
    Remove Facebook like: -2 points
    Send a Facebook friend request: 2 points
    Like a Photo: 1 point (once per pic)
    Like an Album: 1 point (once per album)
    Like a Video: 1 point (once per video)
    Like a Profile: 1 point (once per profile)
    Comment on an album: 1 point
    Comment on a video: 1 point
    Post a status update: 1 point
    Post on a profile: 1 point
  • Events

    Add an Event: 5 points
    Like an Event: 1 point (once per user)
    Post on an Event wall: 1 point
    Change event cover: 1 point (once per day)

New Products & Reviews

Ski and snowboarding products and reviews.

  • Sioeye Iris4G

    The Sioeye Iris4G LTE Action Camera allows you to Broadcast your adventures live, with the push of a button.

  • Go Puck Wearable Power

    Never run out of power on your phone, camera, mp3 player, tablet or other chargeable device again.

  • Nguyen Sound Headphones

    You know those retro style headphones that everyone seems to be wearing these days? If you don't have any, you want them.

  • LeBent 200 Base Layer

    Luxuriously soft and comfortable. My go to medium weight base layers.

  • Seat Rack

    Every skier, snowboarder, do-it-yourselfer, paddler and anyone else with things to do needs an interior cargo rack.

  • GoGlove AirWave Technology

    Control your music and your GoPro® right from your fingertips without letting go of your outriggers.

  • Mountain Goat Ski Tote

    Carry your skis easily with this simple to use, must have strap set.

  • Yaktrax Walk

    The XTR by Yaktrax provides extreme outdoor traction on snow and ice.

  • Sportshieldz MVP Protective Cap

    Reduce the amount of g-force on impact with the MVP Protective Cap