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FAQS and Help

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Listing FAQs

How do I add a listing?
Click Add / Manage listings at the bottom of the page. Select the product or service you want to add and fill in the form.

You'll need a 955 x 500 image and optionally a video. If you don't have a video, the image will display.

At the bottom, select Yes to publish your listing, or No to save it for editing and publishing at a later date.
How do I edit a listing?
Click Add / Manage listings at the bottom of the page. Choose the product or service you want to manage. All listings that are assigned to you will be listed there.

In the title bar click the EDIT symbol on the far right side. Clicking the X symbol will delete your listing.
What is a Premium listing?
Premium listings only show their own ads and information on the listing page. The bottom position can be used for ads or for a popover feature, ideal for product listings and resort maps. Contact us for details.
What is the image size?
Logos are 480 x 180

Product and all other images are 955 x 500

Maximum filesize is 350k

Advertising FAQs

Why sponsor
Your message reaches people interested in travel, luxury sports, adventure, dining and lifestyle in a targeted, information rich resource specifically aimed at disabled skiers, part of the largest visible minority consumer group in North America, with an annual travel spending of over thirty four billion (with a b) dollars per year.
How do I manage my ads?
Log in and select Advertiser Tools in the bottom menu to access all the ad zones OR click the Create an Ad link from any ad slot you want your ad to appear in. Clicking the Create an Ad from an ad area will limit the form to that specific zone.

To manage your ads, click Advertiser Tools in the bottom menu of each page. Select the ad you want to edit and enter the information.
What Ad Sizes and Formats do you accept?
300 x 250 rectangles, 300 x 600 half pages and 970 x 90 leaderboards in .gif, .png, .jpg, and html5 formats.

All files up to 250k

We do not accept doubleclick or google ad codes.
How much? And what can I pay with?
Rates are based on exclusivity options, duration and promotional features. You can pay with cash, credit or debit card at book rate, or stays, passes, tickets and other relevant goods at 4x.

If it's not on the list, contact us, we're always interested in new ways to promote our Sponsors and benefit our Visitors.
Will my ads rotate with other ads?
No, each time a page loads, only one ad is shown per zone per Visitor. When a Visitor views a different page, a different sponsor message is shown.
What targeting options are available?
GeoTarget to the city level, target by keywords, urls, specific listings, specific groups and events.
I don't see my ads?
If your ads are targeted by location or other filters, you may be filtered out of the display. This is expected behavior. To view your ads, use the admin links.